White Nightfall

Have you ever asked yourself what might happen; if God, the keeper and protector of light vanishes without a trace? And what chaos might this bring upon a world, left behind without his fatherly protection?

It is well known that Gods tend to play a game of chess, with life and death standing side by side on the universes's chessboard. But do Gods always keep every step of their game in mind; or might they commit mortal mistakes from time to time?

The angelic world Archan is falling apart from within. Being reigned by the merciless, sadistic, and ruling hand of the eldest archangel; the angelic nation became insecure and anxious. Living in consistent fear and struggling for survival, there are still brave ones left; despondantly trying to fight against the archangel's bloody govern. Although the Resistance is powerful, it doesn't stand a chance without a courageous leader.

The world's light is constantly fading and Father is nowhere to be found. Despair only helps the cruel ruler of the fading Archan to keep the world's lead in his hands. Sneaking into the world through an old and broken seal, the impure darkness had found it's way into the realm of light.

Is all of it a cruel trial... or an inevitable downfall?